Care Instructions


- Warm soapy water rinse before use.

- Suction base must be clean/dry to get best suction onto surfaces, best suction results are if you push on the centre of the bowl.

-Silicone Bowls are top rack dishwasher friendly.

-Spoon is to be hand washed only, due to beechwood handle. Please do NOT leave soaking in water, a quick warm wash will suffice.

-To maintain longevity of spoon handle, you can occasionally rub an organic coconut oil on the handle. 

-Dispose of bowl or spoon at the first sign of any significant damage.

If at any point after you’ve purchased our silicone bowl sets and they give off a soapy taste this is due to the silicone having an oil build up on the bowls surface. This is super easy to remove with a simple lemon or lime, cut the lemon or lime & rub it over the silicone bowls surface and let sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse with hot water. 
For any stubborn odours that continue there after you can try soaking over night in vinegar. This isn’t a silicone issue it’s 100% food grade silicone that is FDA approved, it’s from oily food bases like pasta sauces or curries and the dishwashing liquid doesn’t cut through the oil or grease properly. 


- To clean bunny Teether simply wipe with a fragrance free/non toxic baby wipe or a quick soapy warm water wash.

- Due to the nature of beechwood we do not recommend you soak or leave your teether in soaking water. Do not put into a steriliser.

-Beechwood can wear down over time, to maintain longevity of your teether, you can occasionally rub an organic coconut oil on the beechwood part of the teether. 

-Dispose of Teether at the first sign of any significant damage. 



  • Warm soapy wash/rinse after use.
  • Top rack dishwasher friendly if needed.
  •  Dispose of bib/s at the first sign of any significant damage.