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Sip Sip Hooray!

I’m a food grade stainless steel drink bottle here to keep your little besties hydrated.

I can hold 375ml & keep cold for up to 12 hours and and am double wall insulated – which means NO condensation forms on the outside, so I wont slip out of your hands whilst you’re trying to drink me!!

There is a pressure hole so if all the water isn’t sucked out of the straw I won’t be 100% leak proof if my cap hasn’t been secured down.

I’ve got a little carry handle & lid to stop spills that is a soft 100% food grade silicone.

Please be aware as I’m made from stainless steel if you throw me/drop me on the ground I may scratch and get some dents, so treat me nicely so you can keep me!!

Can be fully pulled apart so I have no areas you cannot clean thoroughly…. Yay!

DO NOT PUT ME IN THE DISHWASHER OR STERILISER OF ANY KIND, PLEASE JUST WASH ME IN HOT SOAPY WATER WITH A SPONGE. I don’t need to be scrubbed with a scourer as you will scratch my surface.

Dimensions approx 8.5cm x 18.5cm.

Please note - Hyde & Seek will not offer any replacement or refund if the drink bottle is dropped and scratched/dinted or care instructions are not followed.