Star Stackers

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Hyde & Seek Star Stacker is here to help stimulate your kids creative thinking and develop important skills all while having fun with engaging rainbow colours.

• Helps teach & develop fine/gross motor skills

• cognitive thinking

• creative problem solving

• hand and eye coordination 

• visual skills 

• open ended play 

Super versatile stacker can be also used to soothe sore gums from emerging little toothy pegs.

perfect for all ages and stages 0+ months.

Why choose silicone?

• silicone is durable and unbreakable 

• 100% BPA FREE food grade silicone 

• super gentle on little hands 

• safe & non toxic

• odourless and tasteless 

• hygienic, hypoallergenic & resistant to bacteria 

• extremely easy to clean with warm soapy water (simply leave to air dry)


do not alter the star stacker or use for any other purpose then it’s intended use.

Please inspect star stacker before each use and dispose of at the first sign of any damages

Hyde & Seek will take no responsibility for accidents or injuries.