Trolley Tokens

Regular price $6.00

A MUST for anyone who goes shopping! Say hello to Hyde & Seek® Trolley Tokens!!! This will be your new best friend & you'll never have to worry about having a coin again, or getting it back! Even better, they are so easy to use & releases your trolley instantly. 
Simply insert the token into the trolley slot, slide to the side slightly slot & pop it out as soon as the trolley unlocks! They are designed for any trolley that will take a $2 coin!! 

Flat rate UNTRACKED postage is $4 for as many tokens as you would like. if you want a tracking number please select standard postage! Please note if ordering more than one token, they come packaged together.


DISCLAIMER - Hyde & Seek will NOT offer refunds or replacements for breakage or lost trolley tokens. Do NOT turn the trolley token when in the $2 coin slot. It only needs to be handled gently and slide to the side to release the trolley. Please handle with care and do not force it.

* this IS NOT a teething toy, therefore do not let your children chew on this as it is small and could become a choking hazard*